This year has been one where the sayings and cries of victory have been put to the test.

The Bible teaches us from beginning to end that God has always triumphed over every circumstance. Put more practically, God has demonstrated His victories through the experiences of His people.

When Moses led Israel out of Egypt, the entire nation would come to experience things they had never experienced before. To live a time under the direct care of God in the form of Manna, in the form of Cloud and fire.

In the wilderness Israel was able to drink water all the time of their wandering. They were able to have families. They were able to win military battles. They were able to live in order under the Law of God. In short, they were able to learn things that contributed to the growth and formation of a nation; but most of all, they were able to see the hand of God.

Although Israel was unaware of what was to come, nevertheless those who believed and trusted God were able to enter the Promised Land. The entrance into the Promised Land was not easy, or without lack of problems, or challenges, but with God's grace and mercy they were able to enter.

This and many other examples are what have sustained God's people through the centuries. This time is no different; just as God has been with His people and guided them through difficult times, so will He be with us in this time.

I extend an invitation in the Name of the Lord Jesus to those who gave shouts of victory before the pandemic. Shout again with joy to the Lord, but this time, shout with actions of faith. In 2021, God's Work Continues.

-Pastor Omar Valcárcel