"But may the God of patience and comfort give you one mind among yourselves, according to Christ Jesus," - Romans 15:5

The immediate context of this verse in a nutshell tells us: those who are strong and mature spiritually bear with the weak.

The example set before us is Christ himself. Christ being strong endured our weaknesses and reconciled us to the Father.

At this time Jesus is exercising the ministry of intercession as High Priest before God the Father. I must add to this that He is still patient with each one of us.

As the High Priest, one of the things that the Lord Jesus prays for us before His Father is that all of us may grow and mature as believers. Jesus looks at our imperfections and prays to the Father to help us through the Holy Spirit and to forgive our sins.

If that is the attitude of the Son of God, how much more should we treat each other with the same attitude and the same feeling.

This year, let us propose to treat each other with the same feeling that is in Jesus towards us.

-Pastor Omar Valcárcel