"Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness,..." - Genesis 1:26

We return, as we must, to remind everyone that God is the Creator of every human being. With this truth comes the reality that when we look at another human being, we see in him or her, another skin colour.
God in His Wisdom, Intelligence and Creativity made not only 2 colours (black and white), but various shades of colours. When we paint our houses, flats, pictures, buildings and other things, the diversity of colours brings to our eyes and minds a sense of satisfaction at the beauty we see.
Nature itself teaches us the beauty of colours. In autumn we see how the leaves of the trees change their colours. We take photographs, make postcards and even calendars.
When it comes to our fellow man, how much more should there be in us a sense of acceptance and joy for the diversity that God has given us. Human beings are created in the image of God, not trees or leaves.
Man is the one who exhibits God's glory in the highest way. Men are the ones who love, not trees, men are the ones who speak, not nature, and finally, Jesus the Son of God became Man to participate in the experience of being human.
We remember the dignity that God placed in human beings. We are created in the Image of God; hence our dignity. No matter what skin colour we have brought into the world, we are God's image.
-Pastor Omar Valcárcel